No Time for Holiday

This is one of USC's senior film projects from Fall 2009. It was direct by Savannah Bloch and you can view it’s IMDB page HERE

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I was one of two sound designers along with Brett Long. Together we handled every aspect of the film's sound. We planned the sound design in preproduction. During principal photography, we recorded all of the production sound. In post we recorded Foley and ADR. Finally we edited and mixed the final soundtrack.

It was on this project I found my affinity for sound design. Moreover having to collaborate with not only the director but also Brett was rewarding, as opposed to going it alone like USC students do on projects prior to this one.


Limikkin Ranch

Limikkin Ranch was another senior project from the same semester as No Time for Holiday. This film was directed by Corbin Billings and you can view it's website HERE

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My work on Limikkin Ranch was somewhat of a footnote and at the same time very important to the final product. I wasn't one of the Sound Designers, but I did manage to help my good friend Corbin by saving him a trip to New Mexico.

One of the actor’s family members had fallen ill in Albuquerque and he left Los Angeles indefinitely after filming. Corbin had changed one of his lines and planned to record it in ADR. I happened to be in Albuquerque at the same time for a family event. I set up a make shift ADR stage at my grandparents house and recorded his ADR with Corbin on speakerphone. It turned out great, and you’ll have a hard time picking out which line it is.


Zig Zag

From a logistical standpoint, Zig Zag was probably the hardest project I worked on at USC. Being both the Director and Producer, I found myself restlessly devoted to this project both because I had to be, given the scope of the screenplay, and also because I was passionate about telling this story.


Zig Zag

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I worked with my class partner Victor Mathieu who played the role of both cinematographer and picture editor. As well as being the director, I handled the sound design myself.

The sound design was particularly difficult because one of the stipulations of the class was the lack of sync sound. All the dialogue was created with ADR and there was no production sound.

While essentially ruining my social life that semester, working on Zig Zag was immensely fulfilling. The cast turned out excellent. Shooting on 16mm film is extremely valuable in learning patience at this age of digital cameras. I got to learn under the wonderful sound editor Don Hall. And I think the movie turned out great.




Cliffhanger Coke Commercial




I recently finished a USC Coca-Cola commercial with Director Peter Sjolander and Producer Tyler Knell.

I was the Post Sound Supervisor doing the editing as well as the Foley and ADR recording.

Cliffhanger, the name of the project, turned out excellently. It was a great learning experience as I was in charge of post sound entirely.

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